Aesthetic Gum Recontouring in Monroe

Aesthetic Gum Recontouring

Dr. Anzalone can fix any gum issues so that your gums are healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Expert Treatment for Gummy Smiles and Uneven Gum Lines

When gums cover too much of your teeth, it can make them look unnaturally short and give the appearance of a “gummy smile.” There can also be situations where the gum line is uneven or there is excessive gum tissue making the gums look too thick and bulky.

These conditions are not only a cosmetic concern, they can also make it more difficult to clean your teeth properly to prevent decay and gum disease. As a periodontist, Dr. Anzalone is a specialist in treatment of the gums, and he can correct any instances of excess gum tissue.

Fixing a Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile Treatment

As a periodontist, Dr. Anzalone is a specialist in the correction of gummy smiles.

People with “gummy smiles” often become very self-conscious about their appearance, and have been known to cover their smile with their hand or refuse to smile at all. A gummy smile, however, is not exclusively a cosmetic problem – it can also be an oral health liability.

Teeth that are covered by too much bone and gum tissue are harder to clean thoroughly, making them more susceptible to decay and gum disease. It is also harder to treat such teeth in the event of a cavity or fracture.

Dr. Anzalone corrects the gummy smile by gently removing the excess gum and bone tissue and exposing the proper amount of the crown. He then secures the gums in their proper position and shape around your teeth for an aesthetic, natural-looking smile.

Cosmetic Gum Recontouring

Your teeth can be white, straight and healthy, yet an uneven gum line around your teeth can make them appear to have odd shapes or make your smile look lopsided. Dr. Anzalone can gently and precisely reshape your gums around your teeth so that your entire gum line is properly proportioned, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing.

Correcting Thick Gums

Sometimes there can be an overgrowth of gum tissue which makes the gums (and your smile) look excessively bulky. The overgrowth may cover some of your teeth, but it can also simply make the gum tissue look too thick. Dr. Anzalone can gently remove the excess gum tissue and restore proper thickness.

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