Children’s Periodontal Services in Monroe

Children's Dental Services

Gentle and Effective Periodontics for Children and Teens

Although the majority of periodontal treatment is done on adults, there are times when children and teens need periodontal treatment as well.

Children and teens rarely need treatment for gum disease caused by bacterial infection, but they will occasionally need gum or oral soft tissue procedures of various kinds. They also may need procedures that will help with orthodontic correction.

Attentive and comfortable care

Children's DentistryDr. Anzalone is highly trained and experienced in the treatment of children and teens, and provides these services in a friendly, gentle and reassuring manner. He knows that kids require a delicate touch and always makes sure they are comfortable. He also makes sure both you and your child understand exactly what is going to be done so your child can relax and you can help reassure them when necessary.

Procedures for Children and Teens

The following are the main procedures Dr. Anzalone performs for children and teens:

Tooth exposure for orthodontics

Dentistry for TeensCertain teeth, such as the canines, can sometimes fail to “erupt” (break through the gumline), and thus do not move into their natural position on the dental arch. If your child is receiving orthodontic treatment and this situation exists, the orthodontist will need to have the crown of the non-erupted tooth exposed so that an orthodontic bracket can be placed on it.

Dr. Anzalone can gently expose the crown of a non-erupted tooth and place the necessary bracket so that orthodontic treatment can occur. This procedure is mostly performed on teens and pre-teens, but Dr. Anzalone also provides this service for adults as applicable.

Removal of excess gum tissue

Occasionally, there is an overgrowth of gum tissue which makes the gums appear too thick. Excess gum tissue can also cover parts of the teeth and make them difficult to clean. Dr. Anzalone gently removes the excess gum tissue around the teeth, making it possible to properly clean the teeth and maintain oral health. Having the gums in the proper size and relationship to the teeth can also enhance your child’s smile and boost their self-confidence.

Gum grafting

Children and teens will sometimes have receding gums around some of their teeth. Receding gums leave the tooth roots exposed and vulnerable to decay, damage and wear, as tooth roots are much softer than tooth enamel. Dr. Anzalone can gently restore a proper, healthy gum line with minimally invasive procedures.


Frenectomies for BabiesA frenum is a small fold of soft tissue that connects two parts of the inside of your mouth and limits the motion of one of the parts. There are frena between the lips and the gum, and there is one under the center of the tongue. Sometimes, a frenum is too strong or large and restricts the motion of one of the lips or the tongue too thoroughly.

This can make it difficult to speak or chew properly, and can also result in gum recession and a misaligned bite.

Dr. Anzalone gently reduces the size of the frenum to bring it into the proper proportion.

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