Periodontal Maintenance in Monroe

Periodontal Maintanence

Our skilled and experienced hygienist provides excellent maintenance care to keep your gum disease under control after treatment.

Expert Oral Care After Treatment to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Once your gum disease treatment has been completed, Rebekah, our hygienist will make sure your oral health is maintained through regular professional cleanings and appropriate home oral care. Gum disease can return easily if subsequent maintenance care is inadequate.

Dr. Anzalone will set the frequency of your cleaning appointments according to your individual needs, and will brief our hygienist on any situation that may need special attention during your appointments. He will also, when appropriate, work with your general dentist on rotating cleaning appointments.

Highly qualified and experienced hygienist

Our hygienist is highly skilled and experienced. She is known by our patients for giving very friendly and gentle care, while at the same time being very meticulous and thorough, and she excels at educating patients in home care techniques to promote optimum gum health.

Tracking Your Progress

Deep Cleaning

We use a a digital record system for easy monitoring of patient progress.

Our hygienist starts each appointment with a full probing of the depth of your gum pockets. We record all diagnostic information in our digital, in-office patient record system so that your progress can easily be monitored.

She will keep you informed on the condition of your gum health and any problem areas through visual displays. In this way she can help you understand what needs to be done.

Gentle and Effective Teeth Cleaning

Our hygienist provides thorough yet gentle cleanings using an ultrasonic scaler. The scaler uses high-frequency vibrations to remove the bacterial deposits on your teeth. Its vibrations additionally kill the disease-causing bacteria. Ultrasonic scalers clean deeper and faster than traditional scaling instruments and are more comfortable for patients.

She will then use special instruments to gently smooth the tooth root surfaces under your gumline. Smooth surfaces make it very difficult for future bacteria to attach and multiply. This is followed by flossing around each tooth, a jet-spray polishing that removes stubborn stains, and a full fluoride treatment.

Oral examination
Introducing the doctor to a patient

Dr. Anzalone will examine you to check on your progress at the end of each maintenance cleaning.

Dr. Anzalone will examine you at the end of your cleaning to check on your progress. Our hygienist will inform him of any problem areas discovered during treatment so any needed adjustment in your maintenance care can be arranged.

Cleaning around Dental Implants

Dental implants need regular cleaning and care just like natural teeth, and implant surfaces that are not totally smooth can provide opportunities for bacteria to accumulate. Our hygienist cleans around implants using a special tip on the ultrasonic scaler and specialized instruments that will not scratch the implant.

Home Oral Care Education

Periodontal Maintanence

Our experienced hygienist, Rebekah, will make sure you are fully educated on the care of your gums between visits.

Proper oral care at home is as vital as regular maintenance cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy and stave off further infection. Our hygienist provides detailed home oral care education as a key part of your maintenance care.

She will use a mirror and intraoral photos to show you where your problem areas are. She will then use models and  live demonstrations to train you on effective brushing and flossing techniques. She will also recommend the best cleaning devices and oral care products to use for best results.

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