Chao Pinhole® Technique for Receding Gums in Monroe

Pinhole Technique Receding Gums

Fast and Minimally Invasive Treatment for Receding Gums

shieldHealthy gums that fully protect the tooth roots are essential to oral health, so it is vital to correct receding gums when they occur. Gum recession leaves your tooth roots exposed, which makes them sensitive to heat, cold and sweets, and vulnerable to damage, decay or infection. A receding gumline can also make you look older than you are and diminish the beauty of your smile.

Conventional gum recession treatment requires surgical incisions. A graft is sutured in place and given time to heal.

Some of our patients are able to receive a breakthrough, minimally invasive treatment for gum recession known as the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST). With the PST, gum recession can be effectively corrected without the cutting, suturing and postoperative discomfort that are part of traditional gum surgery. Dr. Anzalone is one of the few dental practitioners in the United States who is trained and certified to deliver this procedure.

A fast, comfortable procedure

With the Pinhole Surgical Technique, Dr. Anzalone is able to treat up to 14 teeth at one time. Only a local anesthetic is required, and the entire procedure can be completed in about two hours. Since no incisions, gum grafts or sutures are needed, there is little to no discomfort and healing is fast. In fact, most patients are able to resume their normal activities the next day.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique was developed in 2006 by Dr. John Chao to provide his patients with an effective method of correcting gum recession that was gentle on the tissues and fast-healing. The treatment has been extensively tested since its introduction and has been shown to produce uniformly stable and long-lasting results.

$79 Gum Recession Consultation

PeriodontalIf you have receding gums and want to know if you are a candidate for the Pinhole Surgical Technique, take advantage of our $79 Gum Recession Consultation to see Dr. Anzalone for a comprehensive oral exam and periodontal evaluation. Your visit will include:

  • Oral exam
  • Evaluation for gum disease
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Consultation with Dr. Anzalone
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered

Usual value $247

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How the Pinhole Surgical Technique Works

The Pinhole Technique allows for correction of receding gums through tiny, pinhole-sized entry points in the gum tissue. Through these pinholes, a specially designed instrument gently frees up the outer layer of gum tissue so it can be repositioned over the teeth.

Collagen strips are then inserted to help stabilize the gums in their new position and assist in the healing process. Due to the nature of the inner gum tissue, healing for this procedure is fast. Since only minute pinholes were made in the outer gum tissue, no sutures are required and the gums usually heal within a day.

Benefits of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

  • No need for scalpels or invasive surgical instruments
  • No need for uncomfortable sutures
  • No need to remove healthy tissue from elsewhere in your mouth for the purpose of grafting
  • The entire treatment for up to 14 teeth can be completed in one to two hours
  • Much faster recovery time than is necessary for traditional gum grafts
  • Minimal discomfort after the procedure
  • Natural-looking and long-lasting results

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