Gum Disease Treatment in Monroe

Gum disease treatment

Dr. Anzalone is an expert in the treatment of even severe stages of gum disease.

Save Your Teeth With Effective Gum Disease Treatment

As a periodontist, Dr. Anzalone is a highly trained specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. He treats mild to very severe periodontitis. Dr. Anzalone uses gentle methods that effectively get to the source of the problem and ensure that the gum disease doesn’t return and your teeth remain firmly placed in your gums.

Gum disease leads to periodontitis, where the bacteria starts infecting the bone. If left untreated, periodontitis can damage the bone and lead to tooth loss. Dr. Anzalone effectively treats periodontitis and repairs any damage so that you can once again have healthy teeth that will stay that way.

Gum disease specialist

Doctor and Hygienist

Dr. Anzalone and Rebekah, our hygienist, specialize in treating gum disease.

Dr. Anzalone is the only board-certified periodontist in Northeast Louisiana. He has been awarded a board certification from the American Board of Periodontology, a status that is only granted to highly skilled periodontists after passing a rigorous examination in all aspects of periodontics.

Dr. Anzalone teams with our hygienist Rebekah Anzalone in treating periodontal disease. Rebekah is a highly trained hygienist who has worked exclusively for periodontists since graduating Louisiana State University. She is a past president of the Louisiana Dental Hygiene Association. She provides thorough deep cleanings and excellent oral hygiene education.

Because of Dr. Anzalone’s and Rebekah’s in-depth specialization in gum disease, many patients can eliminate their gum disease without having to experience any surgery.

Friendly, comfortable care

Dr. Anzalone and our staff always take the time to explain things and put our patients at ease. Dr. Anzalone is known for his friendly, caring personality and his patience. We make sure our patients are always comfortable, including unnoticeable injections, pillows, blankets and even headphones. Patients who need to get surgery can opt to have IV sedation with our nurse anesthesiologist. IV sedation is the most comfortable and effective type of sedation. You will doze through your treatment while still conscious.

$79 Gum Disease Consultation

Includes exam, X-rays and periodontal evaluation.

Take advantage of our $79 New Patient Special to receive a full oral examination and periodontal evaluation from Dr. Anzalone. He will be able to determine the extent of any gum disease and will tell you how it can be effectively eliminated. Your visit will include:

  • Oral exam
  • Full-mouth digital panoramic X-rays
  • Periodontal evaluation
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Consultation with Dr. Anzalone
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered

Usual value $247

To make an appointment, call 318‑998‑3027 or click here to request an appointment online.

Why Gum Disease Needs to Be Treated

Gum DiseaseGum disease is a bacterial infection combined with inflammation that causes the gums to detach from the teeth and the surrounding bone to be eaten away. It progresses from a mild stage of inflamed and bleeding gums only (gingivitis) to a more severe stage of gradual gum detachment and bone loss (periodontitis).

If allowed to continue for too long, periodontitis can result in the loss of teeth. Bone loss in the jaw eventually causes a collapse inwards of the lower face and a prematurely aged look.

It is also important to treat gum disease for reasons beyond its immediate impact on the teeth, gums and jawbone. Gum disease has been linked to serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

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How We Treat Gum Disease

Accurate Treatment Plan

Gum Disease

Digital panoramic X-rays are used to get a detailed overview of your entire mouth.

To determine the stage and extent of your gum disease, Dr. Anzalone takes a digital panoramic X-ray which gives an overview of the entire mouth, including the teeth and bone. He will gently probe the depth of the spaces between your gums and teeth (known as pockets) to record the level of gum detachment. He will also manually check your teeth to see if any have become loose.

Based on his findings, Dr. Anzalone will formulate a precise, custom treatment plan to effectively eradicate the infection and restore the health of your gums.

Deep Cleaning—Our First Line of Attack!

Ultrasonic Scaler

By using an ultrasonic scaler, our deep cleanings are thorough and gentle.

Generally, our first line of attack in treating gum disease is a thorough deep cleaning (also known as scaling and root planing). Our hygienist has extensive experience in periodontal cleanings and is trained to provide a very thorough deep cleaning. These cleanings are far more thorough than the usual cleanings our patients have experienced.

As a result, in many cases, we can eliminate the gum disease just with the deep cleaning, patient education and correct home care.

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Effective home oral care education

Periodontal Maintanence

Our experienced hygienist will educate you in best home care practices.

Proper home oral care is vital for the long-term success of your treatment. Our hygienist will educate you on how to care for your teeth and gums between visits and how to keep gum disease away once your treatment has been completed.

Using intraoral images, she will show you where your problem areas lie and instruct you on correct brushing and flossing techniques. She will also recommend the proper cleaning tools to use for maximum effectiveness.

Follow-up evaluation

Dr. Anzalone will see you approximately two weeks after your deep cleaning to reexamine your teeth and gums. He will determine if healing has adequately progressed or if further actions are required to achieve proper recovery.

If healing is adequate, Dr. Anzalone will start you on a program of maintenance cleaning appointments to preserve your oral health. If anything further is needed to achieve the desired result, he will explain what needs to be done in easy-to-understand terms, and will answer all your questions.

Our Minimally Invasive Treatment of Severe Periodontitis

We always begin any treatment with a thorough deep cleaning and in many cases this, plus good home care and regular maintenance treatments, eliminates the gum disease. However, in the case of severe periodontitis, periodontal surgery may be needed.

Dr. Anzalone uses small instruments to access inside the gum and ultrasonic technology and small hand instruments to remove the plaque and calculus. Because of the application of growth proteins, Dr. Anzalone only has to perform minimal excision of bone and gum tissue, and as a result there is little discomfort or sensitivity after surgery.

Dr. Anzalone uses biocompatible, dissolvable sutures that do not require a second appointment for removal.

Speeding healing and reducing discomfort with growth proteins

Growth Protein

By adding a growth protein gel to the tooth root, Dr. Anzalone can speed healing and reduce discomfort.

To encourage bone growth and the gum to reattach to the bone, Dr. Anzalone applies a growth protein gel to the tooth roots at the end of surgery. These growth proteins eliminate the need for extensive periodontal surgery and markedly speed healing.

Sedation options available

Dr. Anzalone provides several sedation options, including oral and IV conscious sedation for our surgery patients. With sedation you will feel comfortable throughout treatment and won’t feel any injections. Our IV sedation is administered and monitored by a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist so that Dr. Anzalone can concentrate fully on the treatment procedures.

Post-surgical follow-up

We will see you two weeks after surgery to show you how to use special brushes to clean between your teeth while your tissues heal. We may also provide you with an antibacterial rinse to help you maximize the effectiveness of your oral care at home.

Repairing Damage Caused by Gum Disease

Dr. Anzalone can repair damage done to the bone or gums as a result of gum disease.

In cases of severe gum disease, gum or bone tissue can be damaged or lost. Dr. Anzalone can repair this damage, restoring your gums to health and beauty and ensuring your teeth remain stable in your jaw.

Gum recession treatment to restore lost gum tissue

Gum disease can cause the gums to recede from your teeth, exposing your tooth roots and leaving them subject to damage and decay. Dr. Anzalone can restore coverage of your tooth roots using advanced gum recession treatment techniques.

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Expert bone grafting to restore lost bone

When gum disease progresses to an advanced stage, it starts eating away the jawbone supporting your teeth. If you have lost bone tissue, Dr. Anzalone can regenerate new bone tissue and restore necessary bone support with minimally invasive bone grafting procedures.

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Keeping your gums and teeth healthy after treatment

Ensuring your oral health is maintained after treatment requires the continuous removal of the accumulated bacterial plaque that forms on your teeth and gums. Our experienced hygienist will comfortably and thoroughly keep your oral health at optimum levels with regular maintenance cleanings. She will also give you any help you need to optimize your oral care at home.

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Come and See Us

If you suspect you might have gum disease, take advantage of our $79 New Patient Special and come and see Dr. Anzalone for a comprehensive oral exam including a full periodontal evaluation. He will be able to tell you the extent of any gum disease you may have and let you know what treatment he recommends for you.

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