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Impacting 1 in 5 Americans in some form at any given moment, common gum disease should be remedied immediately to stop its progression into something much worse.
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The Dangers Of Gum Disease

Caused by bacteria accumulation around the gumline, gum disease presents itself in a spectrum. Beginning in the initial and common stage of gingivitis, synonymous with mildly inflamed and bleeding gums, it will eventually evolve into a more dire infection (periodontitis), which can bring about gradual gum detachment and eventual bone and tooth loss by destroying precious tissue! It’s crucial to treat any stage of gum disease, now matter how mild it’s effects may appear in the present moment, as this common and manageable infection will inevitably progress into something much more dire without professional intervention.

Some of the common side effects of gum disease across its multiple stages include:

  • Red or swollen gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Sensitivity or bleeding
  • Receding gums
  • Changes in the way your teeth or dentures bite together
  • Pain, especially when chewing

Gum disease presents both aesthetic and functional damage to the oral anatomy. Untreated periodontitis causes bone loss throughout the jaw forcing the lower section of the face to collapse inward, artificially aging the look of the patient. As you’ve probably inferred by now, the implications of unchecked gum disease aren’t exclusive to the gums alone, as a deteriorating jawbone also results in teeth permanently falling out!

Let Us Restore Your Smile

Beyond your mere average periodontist, Dr. Anzalone stands as a highly trained specialist; credible in diagnosing and successfully treating gum disease through years of practice, with cases ranging in severity from mild to serious. Utilizing gentle methods, alongside state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Anzalone can effectively uncover the source of the problem and properly restore the integrity of your smile. Ensuring your teeth remain firmly placed within healthy, happy gums, and warding off the possibility of gum disease returning in the years ahead.

With Dr. Anzalone’s expertise, we’re both capable and eager to service any smile. If you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms which indicate you may be suffering from some form of gum disease, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with us or contact our office immediately!

A Hands On Approach

A Customized Treatment Plan

To accurately determine the stage and extent of your gum disease, Dr. Anzalone will perform a digital panoramic X-ray. Granting him an overview of the entirety of the mouth, including the gums, teeth, and jawbone. Through gently probing the spaces between the gum and teeth (referred to as pockets), their depth can be accurately recorded to better comprehend the level of gum detachment. He will also manually check your smile to recognize any potentially loose teeth.

Based on the substance of his findings, Dr. Anzalone will then formulate a precise treatment plan completely customized to your unique case. Tailored to not only eradicate the infection, but restore the function of the gums, and for severe cases, perform potential follow-up procedures to restore impacted teeth and bone areas.

A Deep, Deep Cleaning

In most cases, a thorough deep cleaning (also known as scaling and root planning) is the initial action taken to rectify gum disease. Our hygienist, who boasts extensive experience in periodontal cleanings, performs a thorough yet gentle cleanse in and around the gum lines and reaching as far in as your tooth’s roots. Utilizing an ultrasonic scaler to excavate the plaque and tartar buildup which has likely caused the infection.

As a result, many cases of gum disease can be eliminated with this one appointment, while also communicating with the patient to help them best employ proper at-home oral care habits.

Sharpening Your Skills

A robust oral care regimen is the best approach to avoid any serious complications popping up throughout your smile. Our talented and well-informed hygienist is eager to equip you with all the knowledge you need on how to best care for your teeth and gums at home in between your routine visits!

Using intraoral imagery, she will display where your problem areas lie and instruct you with correct brushing and flossing techniques to best prevent gum disease development, among other possible issues too. She will also recommend the proper cleaning tools, and best brands which will maximize the effectiveness of your at-home oral care routine!

Follow Up Evaluation

Approximately two weeks after your deep cleaning, Dr. Anzalone will ensure a follow up appointment takes place to reexamine your teeth and gums. During this appointment, he may adequately determine if the healing process has been successful so far, or if further actions are necessary to get your smile back on the right track.

Any further action deemed necessary by Dr. Anzalone will be explained in great detail to you while giving space for any thoughts, questions, or concerns to be expressed! If the healing is adequate, the doctor will place you on a program of maintenance cleaning appointments to preserve your oral health in the future, which is his greatest priority!

Cost of Gum Disease Treatment in Louisiana

The cost of gum disease treatment varies on a patient-to-patient basis. Every smile will demand different approaches to remedy their existing gum disease, depending on the areas of the mouth infected and the severity of the disease. Thankfully, many US insurance providers do cover some or all of the cost associated with treatment. Without insurance, the average price tag of treatment varies between $1,000 and $3,000.

If cost is something of concern to you, be sure to coordinate with your insurance provider before scheduling an appointment. Gum disease, even in a mild form, is nothing to shrug off, and the sooner your gums receive professional intervention the better.


Gum disease has implications far beyond the smile, as it has provenly been linked to other serious potential health complications throughout the body, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even certain cancers, while also being common among pregnant women due to fluctuating hormones. It’s necessary to communicate these changes, or any others worth concern, with your dental professional on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gum disease is caused by plaque building up around the gum line when the teeth aren’t brushed and flossed regularly and thoroughly enough to ward off it’s accumulation. However, there are certain external factors like particular medical conditions, medications, and even pregnancy which may increase a patient’s likelihood of infection.

Gingivitis (the earlier stage) infects the gingiva region of the gums and leads to inflammation, bleeding, and sensitivity around the gumline. As time goes on, the plaque buildup will harden into tartar and it’s bacteria will continue to fester away at the integrity of the gums and teeth. Periodontitis is hard to miss, and is usually identified by symptoms such as extreme pain, excessive bleeding, receding gums, tooth decay, and even the formation of pus.

Your most powerful defense is adopting a proper oral care routine at home! This includes thorough brushing twice a day, especially after meals, and flossing at least once as well; ridding your smile of harmful bacteria buildup from daily endeavors. It’s also necessary to participate in routine checkups with a dental professional, as it puts your smile under the watchful eye of a trained individual who may ensure you’re on the right track!

Rachel Patterson

I was very nervous to have any periodontal work done since I am already anxious during regular dentist visits, but Dr. Anzalone and his staff made me feel so comfortable. Mrs. Alice at the front desk makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in and the staff were so friendly and professional.
The day after my gum surgery, Dr. Anzalone called me personally to check on me and my pain levels.
During each checkup after the surgery, the staff have been nothing short of amazing and made sure that all questions are answered before leaving.

Bridgette Williams

After wearing braces for almost 2 years my daughter's teeth were perfectly straight. However, during that process, she had so much excessive gum tissue you could barely see her teeth. Dr. Robinson (her orthodontist) referred us to Dr. Anzalone and I am so grateful that he did. My daughter's teeth are BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT. The procedure was an outpatient procedure that took no more than 30 mins. I highly recommend Dr. Anzalone to anyone dealing with the same issue as my will NOT be disappointed. Awesome customer service!

Christine Gillikin

I was very hesitant about having the procedure done, but I can happily say that it went very smoothly!! I had hardly any pain and was happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Anzalone and his staff!

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