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Minimally Invasive Surgery for Receding Gums in Monroe

Receding gums are no walk in the park, as they expose the sensitive areas of your teeth to the elements. This shouldn’t be something you have to live with, and thanks to Dr. Anzalone’s expertise you no longer have to!
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A Receding Gumline

Receding gums are a common process endured by many for a variety of reasons, including; genetics, infections, aggressive brushing, poor oral care, hormonal changes, tobacco usage, grinding and clenching, and so much more. For whatever it’s culprit, gum recession presents a painful reality. As the gums begin to retreat, they expose the delicate areas of the teeth below; leading to extreme sensitivity and placing you further at risk for gum disease and tooth decay as bacteria awaits to infect these precious areas.

Gum recession is typically remedied through professional methods like scaling and root planning, or even invasive surgeries where the infected tissue is folded back to excavate bacteria. While these are safe, effective, and have a longstanding reputation, gum recession may be more seamlessly addressed by only a select few specialists which possess the qualification. Luckily, patients in Monroe mustn’t seek too far, as Dr. Anzalone can offer this modern solution.

A Faster, More Comfortable Approach

Known as pinhole surgery, this modern method provides patients with an effective remedy to gum recession which is both gentle on the delicate tissues while providing a rapid recovery process. This seamless technique corrects gum recession without the bothersome cutting, suturing, and post-operative discomfort so synonymous with traditional gum surgery methods.

Instead of uncomfortable incisions or sutures, the pinhole approach allows Dr. Anzalone to craft pinhole sized entrance points in the targeted gum area, then employing specialized tiny instruments to loosen the gum tissue and reposition it correctly over the exposed tooth roots. Capable of treating up to 14 teeth in one simple visit; this non invasive approach reduces the common side effects of gum surgery such as bleeding, swelling, and pain, while boasting an immediate recovery time of less than 24 hours.

The New Modern Phenomenon

With all the benefits this innovative process entails, it’s no wonder why pinhole surgery is such a sought after commodity within the world of dentistry.

While this treatment may be relatively new in terms of medical procedures, it has been extensively tested since its introduction and has displayed undeniable results which showcase uniformly stable and long-lasting results! Dr. Anzalone is able to perform this quick and relatively painless experience in under 2 hours’ time, while also administering a local anesthetic to further ensure patient comfort.

Traditionally, gum recession is rectified by the usage of a connective tissue graft; harvesting healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth and suturing it onto the exposed area. This cutting and suturing of tissue can be painful, and disable you with a recovery time of a few weeks.

With pinhole surgery offering such systemic changes without the typical invasive demands required by most methods, it truly stands as a modern gem of the dental industry. In fact, most patients are able to completely resume their activities by the next day!

Cost of Pinhole Surgery in Louisiana

Compared to the utility and undeniable results of pinhole surgery, especially in contrast to other dental surgeries, it remains a moderately priced procedure. Patients will typically expect a price tag between $2,000 to $4,000 per each quadrant of the jaw which requires the procedure (upper left, lower left, and so on).

With that in mind, most private insurance plans do provide majority or full coverage for this procedure, as it is a long-term solution and has displayed great promise to permanently rectify a dangerous condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pinhole technique is so sought after because it is relatively painless, especially when compared to more traditional procedures. It doesn’t require cutting or sutures, and reduces the risk of other side effects developing in the future while immediately improving the smile.

If patients adopt proper oral care habits at home, the results of this procedure are typically long lasting. However, other factors such as aging, genetic predisposition, lifestyle habits, and aggressive brushing can trigger receding gums to return.

Gum disease and receding gums are two different things. While pinhole treatment cures the impacts of gum disease (receding gums), the patient will undergo different treatment methods to first remedy the infection itself and then fully be able to restore the look and function of their smile through this type of procedure.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Tonya Bagbey

I was sent to Dr. Anzalone for gum recession on a tooth. When I called to make the appointment I was greeted by a very friendly voice. They mailed me videos and books on gum recession which helped me know what to expect. When I went for my appointment Dr. Anzalone took time to answer any questions I had and made me feel at ease about the surgery. He and his staff are very professional and kind. I am very pleased with the results. I had no pain and very little down time. I highly recommend Dr. Anzalone!

A Life Changing Experience with Dr. Anzalone

Bridgette Williams

After wearing braces for almost 2 years my daughter's teeth were perfectly straight. However, during that process, she had so much excessive gum tissue you could barely see her teeth. Dr. Robinson (her orthodontist) referred us to Dr. Anzalone and I am so grateful that he did. My daughter's teeth are BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT. The procedure was an outpatient procedure that took no more than 30 mins. I highly recommend Dr. Anzalone to anyone dealing with the same issue as my will NOT be disappointed. Awesome customer service!

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