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An Exclusive Offering

Dr. Anzalone stands out as one of the few periodontists in Louisiana which can offer and professionally perform in-house sedation for his patients; ensuring you’re relaxed and comfortable to the optimal degree during your appointment’s duration.

Dr. Jeffrey Anzalone has the credentials and experience you should look for when considering a dentist that offers sedation. Dedicated to life-long learning, Dr. Anzalone has averaged 35 continuing education credit hours (per licensing period) throughout his career; the minimum requirements for the state of Louisiana are 20 continuing education credit hours per licensing period.

Our practice offers a diverse arrange of different sedation methods, which cater to specific procedures and patient preferences.

The benefits of dental sedation

Sedation and sleep dentistry are useful options that help us serve patients from all walks of life with many different challenges to overcome. Some of the benefits of sedation dentistry are as follows:

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Sometimes the fear and worry can feel worse than the treatment itself. Dental anxiety shouldn’t stand between you and the dental treatment you need. If you have mild or extreme dental anxiety or fear is keeping you from seeking dental treatment, please speak up! We can help.

Make Time Fly By

For long procedures that leave you sitting in the chair with your mouth wide open for a long time, sedation will keep you relaxed and comfortable. Your procedure will be over before you know it. If you require IV sedation, it will feel like an instant has passed.

Tailored for Your Personal Needs

Do you have a sensitive gag reflex? Chronic restlessness or restless leg syndrome? Does local freezing just not work for you? Sedation is really helpful in many different cases, ensuring that treatment is available to everyone.

Our practice offers a diverse arrange of different sedation methods, which cater to specific procedures and patient preferences.

It’s crucial to ensure you coordinate with somebody; whether that be a trusted friend or family member, to help transport you back home safely after any procedure where a sedative is used. While sedatives are safe and frequently used, their side-effects may linger for a few hours afterwards and can impact your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is a more controlled sedative which is administered directly into the bloodstream. It produces the most intense level of conscious sedation and can be closely regulated to ensure optimal comfort.


With IV sedation, you will be in a deeply relaxed twilight-like sleep state, yet still able to respond to communications from Dr. Anzalone. Even though he is trained to provide IV sedation himself, he has a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) administer and monitor the sedative during procedures so his undivided attention may be focused towards ensuring the procedure’s precision.


Dr. Anzalone can also use the IV to provide appropriate pain medications that help reduce postoperative swelling and discomfort. When this is done, our patients often say they don’t need any pain medications afterwards.

Nitrous Oxide

We understand that many patients experience stress when visiting the dentist, and this stress is typically escalated into anxiety for participants undergoing specific procedures. Dr. Anzalone deeply cares for his patients, and wants his services to be as non intimidating as possible. To help you relax, Dr. Anzalone may suggest administering nitrous oxide to alleviate the anxious state some patient’s may be prone to.


Nitrous oxide is a colorless and odorless gas that brings about a state of drowsiness and reduced anxiety. After the procedure is complete, the effects of the gas wear off quickly and patients are able to resume normal activities within the same day.

Oral Conscious Sedation

With oral conscious sedation, Dr. Anzalone gives you a sedative pill to help you relax. The sedative induces a light, sleepy state where you are still able to respond to instructions and questions from the doctor. It is typically administered an hour before the procedure. If you seek to know the specific medication utilized, ask Dr. Anzalone, as it may range from triazolam, zaleplon, or lorazepam.


This option proves more familiar for a lot of patients, especially those not completely comfortable with receiving some of the aforementioned sedation options, as it is in pill form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these sedatives are used to still ensure patients are responsive and able to communicate during a procedure, but simply place you in a more relaxed state to take the edge off.

Very! Dr. Anzalone will carefully review your medical information to know what sedative will work best for you personally! He is also highly qualified in administering sedatives and takes great care to ensure your peace of mind.

Most likely not, patients rarely feel any discomfort or pain. Furthermore, Dr. Anzalone will occasionally check up on you during different stages of whichever procedure is being performed, making sure your at ease.

That is dependent on which sedative you receive and how quickly your body breaks down it’s active compounds. To get a more straight forward answer, consult with Dr. Anzalone, as he will know best once performing work on a patient directly. Generally speaking, effects wear off after a few hours.

What Our Patients Are Saying

A Life Changing Experience with Dr. Anzalone

Jay Traylor

There is no way to overstate the attention to detail, professionalism and courtesy of this team at Anzalone Periodontics. They ensure your needs are met and follow through with aftercare that is unmatched.

Dr. Anzalone has put together a business that puts the customer at the heart of everything they do. From the moment I walked in, nervous about what was ahead of me, he and his staff put me at ease. Explaining everything that would happen and going through all of my options -- benefits, financial, every aspect.

Christine Gillikin

I was very hesitant about having the procedure done, but I can happily say that it went very smoothly!! I had hardly any pain and was happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Anzalone and his staff!

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