Anzalone Periodontics - Monroe

A Pillar of the Community

Dr. Anzalone has been happily servicing Monroe for over 15 years. Taking pride in bringing his rare periodontal qualifications and expertise, alongside his people-oriented personality, to the service of northeastern Louisiana. Alongside his talented team, he has successfully elevated and restored the smiles of countless people throughout the community and beyond, helping patients reclaim their confidence and quality of life through methods only utilized by the world’s top periodontists.

Anzalone Periodontics - Monroe

Skillful & Experienced

Dr. Anzalone is a board-certified periodontist; an honor awarded to only a select few capable of demonstrating knowledge and skill well beyond the mandatory requirements through completing rigorous examinations, which cover all aspects of periodontics. In fact, this title is achieved by less than 10% of American periodontists. After completing his education, Dr. Anzalone returned to Monroe to deliver state of the art periodontal services only a few professionals across the country can compete with, while also publishing two books to educate readers about all procedures dealing with gums, teeth, and tissues!

Anzalone Periodontics - Monroe

Alleviating Any Anxiety

We know periodontal procedures, especially for first timers, may be intimidating. We proudly take the extra step to ensure our patient’s questions or thoughts are addressed and their comfort is constantly maintained. You will feel right at home in our clean and congenial office space, and we’ll be quick to offer you any pillows, blankets, or headphones for the duration of your stay. On-top of our advanced technologies and minimally invasive modern procedures, Dr. Anzalone gently administers topical anesthetic, ensuring our patients feel the absolute minimal.

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How can we help you today? Our whole team values personalized care and sincerely want to see you smile. Tell us all about your dental care needs and your smile wishes.

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William Choate

I received the finest care. I went into implant surgery and found it to be a blessing. They knew I was nervous but they assured me that it would be fine. I highly recommend Anzalone Periodontics for your dental needs. They are professional and the whole staff is kind. I am well on my way to solving my dental problems with Dr. Anzalone. Thanks!

Sue Cupit

Everyone was kind and attentive. They made sure I was comfortable, and even brought me a warm blanket in the waiting room. I highly recommend Dr. Anzalone and his staff to anyone needing dental surgery!

Ashley Meadows

Dr. Anzalone and his team were absolutely amazing! I had very bad anxiety concerning my surgery, but they assured me that everything would be okay. They are kind, precise, and the office is so warm and welcoming. They made me feel comfortable, and treated me like family. If I could give them 10 stars, I definitely would!

Anzalone Periodontics - Monroe

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